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HSBC apologises to Hong Kong customers

Following this column’s recent “ninety minutes of madness at HSBC” story, the bank has apologised to its customers in Hong Kong.

The ‘madness’ story told of the nightmare experience of  a  Hong Kong resident with a banking relationship with HSBC  who failed in his efforts to open a joint account with his Hong Kong Chinese fiancée who also had an account with the  HSBC.  The story triggered comments from other unhappy customers who contacted this column with their tales of woe. After discussing  these complaints with HSBC a spokesman said the bank was sorry customers were unhappy with the bank’s level of service. Continue reading

Ninety minutes of madness at HSBC

You have to wonder what is happening at HSBC these days. It appears to have swung from one extreme of absurdity to another. It used to be the bank of choice for Mexican drug cartels to launder their money. Now Hong Kong couples looking to set up a joint account in Hong Kong are being given the hard word and are being asked to explain the source of their funds. You would have thought HSBC had had plenty of time to sort the bank out, but apparently not. An acquaintance recently left the HSBC branch at Pacific Place feeling he’d been through a Kafkaesque experience tinged with Monty Python characteristics. Continue reading