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Swire in discussions over new site for Grappa’s

The Grappa’s/ Swire saga continues to attract attention online and newspaper letters columns. Swire as the landlord Pacific Place of course has every right not to renew Grappa’s lease in Pacific Place. However, the decision has baffled many of its clientele since it does good business and is a popular concept judging from the outcry that greeted the news of its impending closure. Indeed, it does considerably better than some of the newer f&b outlets introduced to ‘freshen’ up the look and feel of the mall.

We understand that relations between Swire and El Grande Concepts, the owners of Grappa’s, became somewhat strained in the latter stages of discussions over the restaurant’s future. Continue reading

Swire closes Grappa’s in Pacific Place

Swire Properties has announced it will not be renewing the lease of the popular restaurant Grappa’s in its Pacific Place mall. The restaurant will close in July after being a fixture in the mall for just over 25 years. HowardWinnReports.com wrote a few weeks ago that Swire was contemplating axing the restaurant as part of a strategy to ‘freshen up’ the mall. Continue reading

Ciao Grappa’s?

First Dan Ryan was eased out of Pacific Place. Now it appears the Italian restaurant Grappa’s is under threat of having to close when its contract expires later this year. Negotiations are still underway between the owners, El Grande Concepts, and Swire Properties. But there is speculation that at least some in Swire Properties management want Grappa’s out. Grappa’s has had this location since 1990 and still remains extremely popular. Continue reading