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EPD issues tender documents for controversial incinerator

After months of delays, the Environmental Protection Department has finally issued tender documents for the controversial Shek Kwu Chau incinerator. This means that the tender is likely to be awarded in about a year’s time and work on the site will start around the second quarter of 2018.

The EPD told HowardWinnReports earlier this year there has been no delay but the tentative timetable in the prequalification documents says that invitations to tender for the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF), as the government likes to call the incinerator, would be sent out in December 2015. However, these documents were only issued two weeks ago so the IWMF project is running a year late. Continue reading

Sludge facility contractor claims HK$2 billion from HK Gov

Hong Kong’s Secretary for the Environment, Wong Kam-sing, spoke with pride at the official opening of the HK$5.5 billion state of the art Sludge Treatment Facilities (STF) last week. The facilities are to be renamed in less malodorous terms as the T Park with the T standing for transformation.  “It signifies Hong Kong’s dedication to ‘transforming’ waste into energy, which is a key part in the waste management strategy for Hong Kong,” Wong said at the opening ceremony at which Chief Executive CY Leung officiated.

But one aspect of this world class project Wong did not elaborate on is that Veolia, the main contractor, that built the STF, has started legal proceedings against the Hong Kong government to recover HK$2 billion in cost overruns associated with the project. Mediation proceedings are expected to start soon. Continue reading

Engineers say design flaws delay Shek Kwu Chau incinerator tenders

Despite the apparent urgency to start work on the HK$19.2 billion incinerator project at Shek Kwu Chau, contractors are wondering why it is taking so long for the Environmental Protection Department (EDP) to release the tender documents. In an announcement on December 20 last year, four companies were prequalified to bid for the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) but four months later they are still waiting to see the tender documents. One consultant familiar with the project said, “The tender documents should have been ready by now particularly as the project has been held up by judicial challenges for two and a half years.” HowardWinnReports understands that one possible reason why the tender documents have not been sent out is the emergence of a problem with the proposed construction method for the artificial island which is to house the iWMF. Continue reading