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Zhang Dejiang and the politics of illegal car parking

The photograph below shows a senior Hong Kong government official’s car parked illegally outside the Hong Kong Club at lunchtime. It was sent by a reader who photographed it on May 3, and accompanied the photograph with the observation, “How nice to see AM 9 illegally parked on a double yellow line all because it’s arrogant driver was attending a private lunch at Hong Kong Club. “There was a time when ministers or LegCo members set an example for the rest of society to follow.  Now they are self-important jokes who see themselves above the law.” Continue reading

Rampant illegal parking – another failure of government

Illegal parking in the urban areas is getting worse. The government engages in public hand-wringing over traffic congestion and illegal parking yet takes little serious action to combat it. The recent announcement that it intends to increase the amount of a fixed penalty ticket is unlikely to deter illegal parkers because, as many have pointed out, enforcement by the police and traffic wardens is weak. Continue reading

Two-month wait for vehicle roadworthiness certificate

Getting a car through its roadworthiness certificate in Hong Kong is not what it used to be. Some years ago, you could just turn up at a designated vehicle testing centre and the examination would be over in 10 minutes. Now the average waiting period is two months. How can this be in “Asia’s world city”? Continue reading