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Deborah Annells saga reveals regulatory incompetence

The Deborah Annells saga ended last week when she was sentenced to nine years jail for theft and fraud. But her case reveals shocking incompetence on the part of the government and institutional bodies that were charged with overseeing the trust industry and the conduct of professionals.

Both the Financial Secretary and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) were presented with compelling evidence of fraud and breach of trust soon after Annells’ crimes became apparent. But both bodies declined to act and failed to protect the public and allowed her to continue stealing money from her client’s trusts.  Continue reading

Annells convicted of HK$30 million theft and fraud

British tax consultant Deborah Annells was today convicted of 47 charges of theft, fraud, and possession of a false instrument, in the High Court by Mr Justice Kevin Zervos. Annells sat somberly in court as the charges were read to her over a period of 50 minutes. Her conviction involved theft from four of her clients totalling more than HK$30 million. Continue reading

Tax consultant Deborah Annells sentenced to 4 years jail

Tax consultant Deborah Annells was today sentenced in the District Court to four years jail for charges that included fraud, perverting the course of justice and possessing a false instrument. Annells sat impassively in the dock as Judge Eddie Yip Chor-man sentenced her to three and a half years for perverting the course of justice, 18 months for fraud of which six months were to be served consecutively, and twelve months for possessing a false instrument, to be served concurrently. Continue reading

Morley and Egan give evidence in Annells trial

The trial of Deborah Annells in the District Court was enlivened last Friday when her defence counsel, Paul Stephenson took issue with the evidence of two senior figure in the Hong Kong legal community, Christopher Morley and Kevin Egan, who were appearing as witnesses for the prosecution. Morley was acting as Annells’ solicitor and Egan as her counsel at the bail hearing on April 11, 2014 when the offences she is charged with are alleged to have occurred.  Prosecutor John Marray noted there had been some “implied criticism” of Egan and Morley by Annells’ defence counsel Paul Stephenson. Continue reading