Two-month wait for vehicle roadworthiness certificate

Getting a car through its roadworthiness certificate in Hong Kong is not what it used to be. Some years ago, you could just turn up at a designated vehicle testing centre and the examination would be over in 10 minutes. Now the average waiting period is two months. How can this be in “Asia’s world city”?

In 2011, the Independent Commission Against Corruption became aware that all was not as it should be. It mounted an operation and arrested more than 30 people that year, and about the same number again over the past few years, on charges of conspiring to forge the certificates. More at South China Morning Post.

2 thoughts on “Two-month wait for vehicle roadworthiness certificate

  1. captam

    It was about time this web of corruption by the motor industry was exposed. Why, also is the Transport Department not inspecting cars for road worthiness and defective exhaust emissions until a vehicle is relicensed when it is OVER 6 years years old ( i.e. it can be nearly 8 years years old if a cunning owner brings forward his licence renewal a few weeks). In Europe the EU standard is that cars are inspected after they have been on the road 2 years.

  2. cunninglinguist

    In Hong Kong you drive 30 odd kms from Shenzhen border to Central
    In Europe a business meeting is a motorway job with many more kms per day than people drive here
    You need a roadworthiness certificate in hand to apply for the licence in the 7th year
    What should be inspected twice a year are taxis and minibuses since the owners rent them out 3 shifts a day
    In previous years taxis with the same licence number were found operating in HKI, Kowloon and NT at the same time – it’s also time to stop the money laundry washing $7m for a taxi licence so each time you take a cab you are helping bent mainlanders and Colombians to feather their nests

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